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DD-LS-R4-AC - LS R4 A/C Bracket

All threaded holes in the block and cylinder head should cleaned and tapped with a thread chaser. All bolts being installed should be lubed with a light oil or anti-seize before assembly.

*We recommend leaving all of the bolts slightly loose until all the parts are installed. Then go back and torque each bolt to 28 ft. lbs. Install the smaller rear bracket using 2 "A" spacers between the bracket and passenger cylinder head using two bolts and stainless washers as shown.




Next install the front bracket using the longest socket head bolt in the top hole and 1 "B" spacer between the two brackets and one "A" spacer between the rear bracket and the cylinder head.



Install the other two "B" spacers between the brackets. Both of the bolts are countersunk and thread into the rear plate. Leave all of the bolts loose as shown.



Now install the R4 compressor between the two brackets using the two 110mm bolts with stainless washers on both sides and the lock nuts on the rear side.



While lifting the weight of the compressor. Tighten all bolts to 28 ft lbs. Start with thecounter sunk bolts first, rear bracket to cylinder head, then the front bracket, and finally the compressor. Next install the top idler pulley. Spacer E is placed agaist the front side of the front bracket. This spaces the pulley further off of the front bracket. This bolt comes with a locknut and stainless washer for the rear to keep this locked into place. Tighten the bolt to 28 ft. lbs. then tighten the locknut on the rear to 28 ft. lbs.





Place the flat aluminum spacer plate that comes with the tensioner between the tensioner and the front plate as shown. Tighten tensioner bolt to 28 ft. lbs.





To install the belt place a 3/8 ratchet and extension into the front of the tensioner and twist down.




Stock truck accessories-

Small case alternator (135 amp and lower)  Gates K061110

Large case alternator  (140 amp and larger)  Gates K061114


Truck accessories using Dirty Dingo billet Alt/PS low power steering mount bracket-

Small case alternator Gates K060960 

Large case alternator Gates K060966


Truck accessories using Dirty Dingo billet Alt/PS high power steering mount bracket-

Small case alternator Gates K060988

Large case alternator Gates K060997


Truck accessories using Dirty Dingo idler relocation bracket-

Small case alternator Gates K061187

Large case alternator Gates K061195


Dirty Dingo LS1 Corvette Style alternator-power steering bracket- 

Small case alternator Gates K061005

Large case alternator  Gates K061010


Stock Camaro accessories-

Gates K060975


* When using small diameter power steering pulley subtract 2" from belt length.



Small case alternators are 135 amp and lower. Large Case alternators are 140 amp and higher.

Large case is on the left-


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