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DD-LS-IRB - Vortec Truck Idler Relocation Bracket

All threaded holes in the block and cylinder head should cleaned and tapped with a thread chaser. All bolts being installed should be lubed with a light oil or anti-seize on the bolt threads before assembly.

Below is an example of how the idler bracket is installed on your factory Alt-P/S bracket on the LSx truck accessory bracket. Remove the serpentine belt. Remove the idler pulley. Remove the two factory bolts as shown in this picture, and place relocation bracket against the factory bracket. Install with the notch towards the crank. Install new bolts with stainless washers through new brackets and torque to 28Ft lbs. Install new spacer bracket, then the new top bracket as shown. Install your idler pulley using the factory bolt and spacer into new location on billet bracket. 

You may have to trim the factory Alt-P/S to clear some throttle bodies. Shown here is a reference where to cut your factory bracket. Removal of this bracket may be required.

With Power Steering-


Without power steering-



Using small case alternator-  Gates Belt K060980

Using large case alternator-  Gates Belt K060988


Using small case alternator small power steering pulley-  Gates Belt K060960

Using large case alternator small power steering pulley-  Gates Belt K060966


Using Trail Blazer 5 1/2 power steering small case alternator- Gates K060960

Using Trail Blazer 5 1/2 power steering large case alternator- Gates K060970


Small case alternator non power steering- Gates K060705

Large case alternator non power steering- Gates K060710


2010-up Camaro water pump small case alternator- Gates Belt K060988

2010-up Camaro water pump large case alternator- Gates Belt K060997



Small case alternators are 135 amp and lower. Large Case alternators are 140 amp and higher.

Large case is on the left-


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