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DD-LS-ALT-LM - LS1 Low Mount Alternator

All threaded holes in the block and cylinder head should cleaned and tapped with a thread chaser. All bolts being installed should be lubed with a light oil or anti-seize on the bolt threads before assembly.

When installing this bracket on truck engines the upper hole is not drilled or tapped in the block.  Aluminum LS1 blocks will use three mounting holes. Trucks will only use two, one upper and one lower.

LS1 low mount alternator

Using the Dirty Dingo front bracket turned upside down place a transfer punch through the upper hole and mark the block.

LS Low Mount Alternator Installation

This should be drilled with a .339 drill bit 3/4" deep and tapped with a 10MMx1.5 tap 1/2" deep.

LS1 Low Mount Alternator

The middle hole will not be used on the truck engines, only the top and bottom holes using the two short spacers.  Using an alternator from a 1998-02 Camaro- mount the billet rear brace as shown.  Camaro-GTO appliactions will not use a spacer between the alternator and the rear brace.

LS1 Low Mount Alternator

Mount the pulley on the front of the bracket.

LS1 low mount alternator




With Dirty Dingo Idler only bracket, no power steering

Gates K060645


When used with our LS1 style high mount power steering bracket uses Gates belt K060790.

This is the same belt as a stock 1998-02 Camaro LS1.


Small case alternators are 135 amp and lower. Large Case alternators are 140 amp and higher.

Large case is on the left-

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