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Chad- "I ordered my mounts less than an hour ago and already received a tracking number. That's the fastest online order turn around I've ever experienced...and I shop online A LOT! Nice work @dirtydingomotorsports"

Red- "Perfect combo for my LS Swapped c1500! Dirty dingo mounts with schoenfeld longtubes! As well as all the dirty dinyo accessory brackets!"

Southeasttruckshop- "I am using that same combo as well, Schoenfeld longtubes, Dirty Dingo mounts, and Dirty Dingo accessory drive setup. Everything fits perfectly, even with the motor slid back as far as the mounts will allow it. I really came to appreciate it the other day when dropping an LS into a customers car using a BRP swap kit and nothing lined up at all, it was horrible. 1992 C1500. LS 6.0 with a 4L60E. Dropped in like it was factory. Pics on my page. Everything is diassembled right now for paint and powdercoat. Will tag you when final assembly is complete, she is a stunner"

Hector_364- "I order my LT combo kit yesterday for my l83 should be here by tomorrow thanks for the fast shipping."

Meccaspeedkustoms- " Keep up the good work!"

Big_shot_racing- "You guys really have an awesome website and products!!!! "

Modernvintagesystems- " I just used their mounts in a G-body LS3 conversion. Go for it!!!!"


GM Gen 3 Gen 4 LS Conversion LS Swap Mounts and Accessories