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DD-LS-ALT-PS - LS Truck Billet Alt- P/S Bracket

All threaded holes in the block and cylinder head should cleaned and tapped with a thread chaser. All bolts being installed should be lubed with a light oil or anti-seize on the bolt threads before assembly.

Remove the idler pulley. Remove the three bolts holding the power steering pump to the bracket. Remove the bolts holding the factory bracket to the head and block and remove the factory bracket. When installing new brackets, finger tighten all bolts and torque after everything is installed. 


Install the smaller bracket first using the 65MM length bolt with a stainless washer and one spacer marked "A" as shown. 


Install the power steering pump to the large billet bracket using two 40MM two spacers marked "B", and one 30MM long bolt and one spacer marked "C" with stainless washers. 


Install the large bracket to the engine using two 130MM bolts with stainless washer and the spacers marked "E" at the top and "F" at the bottom as shown. Place spacer "D" between the two brackets and spacer "A" between the smaller bracket and the head using the last 130MM bolt with a stainless washer.


Install the alternator between the two billet brackets using two 90MM bolts, two lock nuts, and stainless washers on both sides. 


While lifting the weight of the assembly, torque all bolts to 28 foot pounds. There is an access hole in the front billet bracket to place an allen tool through and torque the bolt holding the smaller billet bracket to the head. Install new idler pulley and billet idler spacer in the middle of the billet bracket. Install power steering pulley using the proper install tool. Install wires to alternator. Install new serpentine belt as shown. Reconnect battery.


Using the small case alternator - Gates Belt K060772

Using the large case alternator-  Gates Belt K060780


Using the small case alternator with smaller 5" pulley- Gates Belt K060755

Using the large case alternator with smaller 5" pulley- Gates Belt K060760


* When using large case alternator add 3/4" to belt length.

* When using small diameter power steering pulley subtract 2" from belt length.



Small case alternators are 135 amp and lower. Large Case alternators are 140 amp and higher.

Large case is on the left-

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