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DD-LS-TWK-2 - LS Truck 2007-2013 Solid Mounts

All threaded holes in the block and cylinder head should cleaned and tapped with a thread chaser. All bolts being installed should be lubed with a light oil or anti-seize on the bolt threads before assembly.

Disassemble original mount. Discard the heat shield and the plastic isolator.

LS Truck Solid Race Engine Mounts

Clean and wire wheel the paint off of the top and bottom edges of the mounts.

Chevrolet LQ Solid Race Engine Mounts

Bolt mounts back together. Weld the long plate to the longer side of the mounts, and the short plate to the shorter side.

GMC Full Race Engine Mounts Chevrolet Truck Vortec Race Mounts

We also weld the mount base together with the top side of the engine mounts. 

Vortec LS Solid Truck Race Engine MountsTurbo Race LS Truck Mounts


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GM Gen 3 Gen 4 LS Conversion LS Swap Mounts and Accessories