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DD-LS-MUST-2 - Mustang Fox Body LS Mounts

All threaded holes in the block and cylinder head should cleaned and tapped with a thread chaser. All bolts being installed should be lubed with a light oil or anti-seize on the bolt threads before assembly.

Using the provided metric 10MM counter sunk bolts, install these to the drivers side block. If you have multiple mounting holes, LSX or Cadillac block, these mount to the front four holes. Lube bolts and torque to 28 ft lbs.

Mustang Fox LS

Next, mount your 1996-2004 4.6 Mustang drivers side engine mount to the outer plate. Use the provided Grade-8 zinc coated bolts that came installed in the top plate. The Grade-8 washer is placed on top of the mount. Torque all bolts to 28 ft lbs. These will fit the factory rubber or aftermarket urethane or solid engine mounts.

LS Fox Mustang Mounts

Align the slots in the top plate over the studs on the base plate. Place one Grade-8 washer and one Grade-8 nylock locking nut over each stud. You will have to slide the mount back and forth to get ample clearance to install these nuts. Finger tighten- do not torque.

LS Mustang Conversion

There is a large billet spacer that is installed into the 4.6 engine mount stud before placing the mounts into the Factory Fox K-member slots.

LSx Fox Mustang

Drop engine onto cross member and install nuts on the 4.6 mounts. When you have the engine placed into the desired position, tighten the three locking nuts on the top plates to 28 ft lbs.

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